Integrated Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

Curriculum Games for the Primary Grades

Energize your classroom with high-interest, ready-to-use games! Implementation of games is not only motivational but will result in higher achievement and retention. The games and activities provided with this course are excellent for cooperative learning groups, learning centers, and with the whole class.

Skill areas include: spelling, vocabulary development, word usage, basic math skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and more!

Curriculum Games for the Intermediate Grades

Colorful game boards and high interest group activities invite participation in drills in math and language arts, which result in higher achievement and retention. The activities are designed for use with the whole class, in learning centers and cooperative learning involvement.

The skill areas include: spelling, word usage, proofreading, capitalization, punctuation, numeration, multiplication/division, problem solving, measurement, and logic.

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